The Benefits of Home Alarm Systems

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How a Smart Alarm System Gives Your Family Peace of Mind

You live in a home in a safe area of town, a gated community, or a large estate away from the city. There’s no reason to fear home burglary or trespassing on your property, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Burglars are known to target luxury homes wherever they are, because they feel there is a greater reward for their risk. However, installing a home alarm system could be enough to deter criminals from targeting your home. A recent survey of inmates suggested a positive relationship between home alarm systems and fewer burglary attempts.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not a home alarm system is a good choice for your family in the Bay Area, continue reading to learn additional benefits.

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4 Essential Components of a Modern Home Security System

Monitor outdoor security footage on a smartphone.

World of Sound & Vision Is Your Source for Reliable Home Security Technology

When you care for the things in your life – your home, belongings, and loved ones – you want to protect those things with a reliable home security system. And today, through the power of modern technology, you can protect and monitor the safety of your home even when you're far away, providing you with feelings of connection and peace of mind.

At World of Sound & Vision, protecting your Bay Area, CA home is of the utmost importance. That is why we offer a range of modern home security technology solutions to help secure the things important to you. In addition, we also provide alarm monitoring services to ensure your systems remain in working order at all times.

Continue reading to learn more about the essentials of modern home security.

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B&O Speakers Now Available at World of Sound & Vision

B&O Beosound Shape speaker from Bang & Olufsen hung on the wall of a simple dining room.

An Iconic Brand Since 1925, Check Out These Bang & Olufsen Products

We are excited to share that our customers can now experience the high-quality sound of B&O speakers at World of Sound & Vision! Founded in Struer, Denmark, Bang & Olufsen has been an iconic luxury speaker brand since 1925. They are known for pushing the boundaries of audio technology and producing innovative products with timeless designs.

Continue reading to learn more about B&O speakers, and be sure to stop by and experience them if you're in the Bay Area.

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Beyond Tech: What Else Can a Home Automation Company Do?

Living room couch and side table situated behind a superimposed Crestron Home app interface.

Smart Home Services & Solutions You Can Expect from World of Sound & Vision

Everyone loves the concept of a smart home, but not every homeowner is willing to go beyond DIY solutions to make the home of their dreams a reality in the Bay Area. Discover what a home automation company like World of Sound & Vision can do for your home remodeling project or new home in our blog below.

Of course, our team can design and install a smart home automation and control system that makes your life easier and more comfortable, but the process of getting to your dream home is also very streamlined. Thanks to our years of experience, our team is capable of removing many of the frustrations that come with technology integration projects. We communicate with all the necessary stakeholders to craft the perfect combination of solutions and smart control for you and your family.

Keep reading below to learn more about what our team can offer your home automation project.

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