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A Builder's Guide to Smart Home Technology Integration

design plans on a table next to a yellow construction hard hat

Luxury Living Made Possible with Better Tech Options

In the Bay Area's fast-paced construction market, the integration of smart technology is a necessity! New home builders and architects are increasingly partnering with smart home companies like World of Sound & Vision to meet their clients’ demands for high-tech, modern homes. 

Here's how a collaboration with a team like WOSV can elevate your Bay Area projects and meet the future head-on!

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Designing Homes with Hidden TVs

Séura framed TV camouflaging itself as artwork when something isn’t being watched

Master the Aesthetics of a Space Using Complementary Technology

Your clients want their homes to shine, but technology integration often gets a bad rap. Black, obtrusive rectangles are an eyesore and no complement to interior design, so how are you supposed to provide what your clients desire without detracting from a perfectly curated aesthetic? 

One trend capturing the attention of homeowners and interior designers alike is the integration of hidden TVs. Keep reading to explore how these concealed entertainment solutions complement your projects.

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The Pros & Cons of Motorized Shades in the Bay Area

Crestron motorized shades in the background windows of a large luxurious living room

A Safety and Convenience Breakdown for Architects and Builders

In the innovative hub of the Bay Area, architects and builders are at the forefront of integrating modern solutions into their designs. A rising trend in this realm is the inclusion of motorized blinds and shades in these California projects. But what advantages do they offer over traditional manual blinds, and why should professionals consider them? We cover that below.

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Bring Your Smart Home Up to Date with a Home Automation Company

A family watches TV on an entertainment system controlled by home automation in a Bay Area home.

Enjoy the Holiday Season with Effortless Automation

Summer doesn’t seem to be over yet, but the holidays are almost here. The season presents an opportune time for homeowners in the Bay Area to consider upgrading their smart home systems. As a leading home automation company, we specialize in revitalizing older systems and integrating new technologies seamlessly. Consider the possibilities below!

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