Can You Believe It? Football Season Is Around the Corner!

Large projection screen image of football players in a living room with low seating and floor-to-ceiling windows

A New or Upgraded AV Installation Sets Your Home Apart For Ultimate Entertainment

Whether you’re a college football fan or the NFL games are more your style, there’s no doubt that football season is right around the corner. Why not invite your friends over to watch the games this upcoming season?

With an upgraded AV installation, your Atherton-area home entertainment becomes more exciting and convenient! All of your friends will want to come over to catch the game or watch a movie or TV show premiere during the off-season. To discover what’s possible with an audio/video overhaul from World of Sound & Vision - your Bay Area AV specialist - keep reading below.

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How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor TV

Covered patio with furniture, dual TVs and fire place.

Select a Séura Weatherproof Outdoor TV for the Best Viewing Experience

Imagine extending your entertainment space to the great outdoors of your San Francisco Bay property. You already have nearly every other convenience and comfort on the patio or pool side like cozy seating and ambiance-setting lighting, but adding outdoor TVs and speakers brings your favorite media outdoors! 

However, choosing the wrong technology for your space can quickly ruin your experience. Selecting equipment designed to withstand Danville, CA weather is imperative.

That’s why we enjoy installing Séura outdoor TVs! Séura is a reliable, high-performance brand that’s been around for decades and has all the considerations needed for great outdoor entertainment. Read below to learn more!

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Step 1: Contact a Smart Home Company

four people sitting at a meeting table, you can see their hands taking notes during a smart home consultation.

World of Sound & Vision Reviews What Happens When You Contact Their Team

You know you want to incorporate smart home solutions like automated shades, whole-house audio/video, and outdoor entertainment into your California property, but you’re not quite sure who can make it happen for you. You may have a few questions, such as:

  • Do I have to contact multiple trade professionals to get this done?
  • Who manages and coordinates the details of my project(s)? 
  • How do I know I can trust them in my home?

Let us tell you the first step: contact a smart home professional like World of Sound & Vision. We handle all of the details of your technology integration project at your Atherton home, from low-voltage wiring to coordinating with other tradespeople in the Bay Area and more. There’s no need for stress when you have a team of experts on your side.

To discover what happens after contacting a smart home company, keep scrolling below! We’ll cover the next steps - beyond Step 1 - that you can expect during a home technology project.

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Keep the Lights On And Your Home Looking Beautiful

outdoor kitchenette with seating, patio lighting, and a balcony overlooking a tree scene and sunset on the horizon

Contact a Landscape Lighting Company for Outdoor Luxury, Safety, and Fun!

You’ve spent considerable time making the interior of your California home look its best, but when was the last time you thought about your outdoor spaces? Sure, you likely have a porch or patio light by your entries and maybe a floodlight by the garage, but would you say your lighting makes your home look more luxurious? 

When you contact a landscape lighting company like World of Sound & Vision, you have a professional outdoor lighting designer on your side. Our goal is to create beautiful illumination for our clients in Danville and the surrounding San Francisco Bay area. To learn how we make this happen, keep reading below!

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